Why Are KN95 N95 Masks So Expensive?

2020-04-08 / 178 views

The Demand is Toooo Large.

Because the COVID-19 can be transmitted by droplets, that is, when a COVID-19 patient is talking, coughing and sneezing around, it is likely to infect you.

Therefore, Chinese scientists advise people to wear masks to prevent water droplets from spreading.

However, China has a population of 1.4 billion. Even if only one in six people rework, each person uses only one mask per day and 238 million masks are needed each day.

Faced with a shortage of masks, some Chinese cities have even implemented limited purchases, appointment-based purchases, and lottery purchases.

In the United States and Europe, only medical staff wear masks, and monthly demand exceeds 96 million.

Inadequate Supply

China is the world's largest mask manufacturer, accounting for more than 50% of the world's mask production.

With a five-fold expansion of production capacity, China can currently produce 116 million masks per day, of which only 1.96 million are N95 masks.

Most of these N95 masks are supplied to local and US and European medical staff, so it is difficult for ordinary people to buy N95 masks.

The relationship between supply and demand determines the price of masks to a certain extent.

In addition, the shortage of mask raw materials, excessive labor costs, and high transportation costs have further increased the price of masks.

Shortage of Raw Materials

The key raw material of the mask is melt blown cloth, which plays a key filtering role in the mask.

Due to the slow production speed, high technical requirements and huge equipment investment of Meltblown cloth, the price of Meltblown cloth has soared from $3000 / ton to $65000 / ton.

Labor Costs and Transportation Costs Are Rising

Because of COVID-19 's seriousness, most Chinese workers are quarantined at home. A small number of workers went to the factory to produce masks at the risk of infection.

During the outbreak, workers were paid five times as much as usual, said the head of a Chinese mask maker.

For the same reason, logistics and transportation costs have risen simultaneously, which has led to a rise in the price of masks.